Leadership – Agility – Innovation

As a Coach, I am passionate about enabling leadership and teams to drive positive social change through education and coaching in a One on One, Teams and Organisational setting. I enjoy co-creating outcomes that lead to agility and positive team culture, while focusing on strategic alignment.

As an Innovation Catalyst, I coach teams on how to take an idea from concept to life. As a thought leader, I have been instrumental in understanding the needs of the customer, designing and co-developing customised programs for leadership, agility and product thinking.  I specialize in enabling product teams to focus on customer centricity and arrive at shared understanding towards a common purpose.

I am keenly interested in enabling Women for Agile Leadership and love building supportive communities for underprivileged children in education and sports.

I belong to ALJ Community (led by Founder Pete Behrens) of more than forty Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ)Guides around the globe who together align our practices, collaborate with each other, and deliver ALJ’s well-established and trusted curriculum and programs to our clients and organizations worldwide.