“Growth is not about growing vertically, it is all about growing, even if it means growing laterally as long as it expands your competencies and capacities as a leader” – Rashmi Fernandes

As a Leader, Coach & Trainer, I have always been passionate about making a difference. I have developed an affinity towards people development & the ability to identify and deliver products /projects /programs with the much-needed alignment to business strategic priorities. I have a huge hunger for learning and that helps me stay humble in my approach. I am a self-starter and comfortable with uncertainty.

With 20+ years of corporate experience in various domains, I am considered as a human eccentric leader, mentor and coach. My focus has been to enable leadership and teams towards agility, product thinking, drive meaningful change and grow towards creating psychological safe spaces.


Be a catalyst, enabling leadership to drive positive social change through education and coaching


Customer Centricity, Value Creation, Culture of Connection, Empathy and Mutual respect